I Miss Oasis

Oasis fans are the best in the world. Considering I am a Libertines/ Pete Doherty fan, that is quite some statement. And God, I miss Oasis. I know Liam and Noel are all over the bloody media, trading insults, releasing their solo stuff, but I am bored of that now. I want to go to a ridiculously large stadium, chant “Oasis, Oasis” will all the other yobbos and scream my head off to every word in every song that the greatest band in the world sing.

Oasis provide the music to the backdrop of my life. Wonderwall instantly takes me back to sitting on the ripped sofas at the Feathers pub, a great, dingy hang-out, guaranteed to let all the underage people in (which I was at the time). Champagne Supernova is always sung by us on a group outing after we have all harangued the DJ into playing it, Little By Little reminds me of wine and candles that melt on to the carpet, Half The World Away was my travelling tune in France, Masterplan is for special friends, Slide Away will be our wedding song/ first dance. The list of examples and memories is endless.

Every time I have seen Oasis, I have been covered in other peoples piss. I relish this! (disgusting as it may be), it is all part of it. I once went down to the front, but this was way too scary. The people are the front are all big, bald men, and inexplicably Scottish (even in Cardiff, Wales) and their elbows are my face height. The camaraderie at Oasis is like no other gig I have ever been to. The testosterone in the crowd is immense. I love the patriotism that Oasis brings, without even trying. It’s every man for himself, and everyone for Oasis. A huge, blokey, sing-a-long with beer and fags and shouting and pushing. The crowd gets older, as do Oasis, no little whipper-snappers with trendy indie skinny jeans and pork-pie hats, it’s all bare chests, tattoos and thumping great egos of the Great British Working Class. If you have never seen Oasis live, you have really missed something. To be in amongst thousands of people when they storm on to Lyla, and the crowd go crazy, is out of this world.

I last saw Oasis at Wembley Stadium two years ago. It is not unusual for them on a tour to announce they are splitting up, which they did in 2009 and have done every time I have seen them, so i imagine that one day they will get back together again. I hope they hurry up, I need to go and see them, I need to cut loose and go mental.

I will sign of with the lyrics to my all time favourite Oasis song, Headshrinker;

I know a girl who’s lost and lonely
Sits by the phone on her own
But the phone don’t ring
And the birds don’t sing in her tree
She lost herself in a haze of pity
And doesn’t know where to run
She’s a headshrinker now
And I think its time we had some fun

Lost in a fog
I’ve been treated like a dog
And I’m out of here
I got no name
And I feel no shame
And I got no fear
And I bow down
To the tears of a clown
Whatever’s going down
Is coming around
I hope you don’t regret today
For the rest of your lives



4 responses to “I Miss Oasis

  • kerrie

    I miss them too. Wembley 2 Years ago was my first and last gig. All my dreams were made when I was chained to the mirror and the razor blade.

  • bayliss

    Dude, once again our musical taste has slammed together from opposite ends of the world. I have had a listen to High Flying Birds and was impressed but very little will touch the ear raping these lads gave us when I was a teen looking for an answer to my generations Beatles.

  • pissykittyslitterbox.com

    Wow! Your description made me feel like I was right there with you at the concert. Too cool!
    I’ve been away for a while but had to stop by, say hello, and see how you’ve been. Lost in nostalgia, huh? 😉 Hey, it gets me through the monotony sometimes too.

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