There Were 4 in the Bed

On Friday I visited two very special friends, they Noo cooked dinner (chicken chasseur) and we had a lovely evening. I stayed over, in their beautiful house and slept in the Laura Ashley sofa bed, no less.

And though I love these friends very much, the real treat, the icing on the cake, was sleeping with the girls! When I knock on the door of their lovely, yellow stone terraced house, I peer through the little window and see a river of terriers racing towards the door and am greeted, upon its opening, by smiling teeth and several pairs of legs, wet noses and enthusiastic stump wagging. It is quite the welcome.

Last time I visited there were five terriers in residence, this time there were three, but it’s hard to tell, they all look very similar and go about in a blur, as one. When it came to bed time, the girls sat expectantly on the bed and waited politely for me to get in under the covers. Once in, there was an immediate flurry of activity as each dog burrowed under the duvet, literally. It is quite a sight to see three moving lumps going busily about and I was highly amused. I decided to read for a bit and the girls used this time to move around and find various comfy spots.

I was quite sore and aching from a pole-dancing class on Thursday and as I lay on my stomach holding the weight of a paperback book, I could feel my muscles tightening in protest. Then to my utter delight, as the girls moved around, they walked across my back and it was like a massage! Their tiny paws tip-toeing up and down either side of my spine and across my arms offered the most welcome relief to my poor, sore self.  I’m sure the girls knew, they spent quite some time working out all the knots for me, it was delicious. I would have paid good money for that kind of massage.

The treatment did not end there. When I turned the lamp off, each of the girls took up position and acted as a hot water bottle, one in the small of my back, one across my shoulders and one in the crook of my knees, delivering warmth and comfort better than any hot-stone therapy at some funky spa. They had a sympathetic and sensitive demeanor whilst at the same time being almost business-like in their attitude to getting down to some serious sleeping.

In the morning, I was awoken with a coffee and I got to spend some time chatting with Noo and having cuddles with the girls. I felt thoroughly spoilt.

Because of my aversion to having my photo taken, particularly in the morning, I do not have a picture of me in bed with the girls, but below is a photo of two of them, on the Laura Ashley bed. And if you are ever lucky enough to visit a house with dogs, don’t cringe at the idea of spending the night with them, I highly recommend it, it is a real treat!


4 responses to “There Were 4 in the Bed


    I wish the sleeping accommodations with our ‘boys’ was that satisfactory. Ours hog up the bed and wake us up all night.

  • nooberry

    Michele I do not understnad why I don’t get alerts to new blogs of yours even though I am apparantly ‘following’ you. What a lovely blog to read first thing in the morning as I too am sat in bed (not the Laura Ashley sofabed) surrounded by dogs that I am trying not to let actually under the duvet. Laura has decided this week it’s not allowed! Emin’s response to this is to constantly come and lie on my laptop which is making typing quite difficult! Also, ‘they’ cooked? ‘THEY’?!?!

    • skiingsaddler

      Noo, you are unfortunately not the first person to complain that subscriptions are not arriving, I don’t know why, I’m sorry. Laura is so naughty, she will be grateful of a dog massage after hunting! And I have now amended the ‘THEY’. 🙂

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