MG Equals OMG

I thought I was so cool, buying a sports car, in the snow. Even though it only had two seats, a soft-top roof and was a rear-wheel drive.

I have enjoyed the summer with my ipod blaring out through my car speakers, with the roof down I could punch the air in time to whatever song I cared to butcher with my not-so-dulcet tones.

My dog ( also thought she was cool, cruising around with the wind in her ears, woofing indiscriminately at unsuspecting pedestrians, from the roofless car.

I fought a hard battle to win the right to buy that car. Everybody (except Aunty Anne) insisted I was completely mad to even think about buying that car. MG’s do not have a good reputation. They are the car that everyone loves to hate. Ooooh, just wait, the head gasket will go, they said. In fact, every time I have so much as seen a mechanic, they shout “head gasket” at me. People waiting at bus stops shout it at me too. So I was sensible, I took out AA Breakdown & Repair cover (they pay the first £500 of every repair), (thank you Jane for this tip). I also took out cover with the RAC and Green Flag, just in case.

But it is such a beautiful car.

Navy blue with a shiny, silver-headed gear-stick.

And did I mention it is convertible?

I can even lower the steering wheel. I feel like Nigel Mansell.

I love all things beautiful. I am that shallow, about as deep as a paddling pool, me. So I bought it.

It is singularly the most expensive car I have ever bought. It is also the youngest. So I expected it to last longer than ten months. Last week someone hit it in the car park of a supermarket then drove off so I have a scratched and dented rear-wheel arch. Bastard.

Today, it let me down again. For the umpteenth time. Today, I did not feel cool.  Standing on the side of a motorway in the pissing rain, during rush hour, without waterproofs and needing the loo, I think I started to hate my car. I even fantasized that a lorry would come past and wipe it out.

It cost me £750 three weeks ago to repair. Tomorrow, when I pick it up from the garage, I will have to part with another £500.

I don’t want it any more.

But where will I find someone who will fall in love with this ridiculous vehicle at the start of winter?

P.S: I have had the head gasket done.

Back when I loved my car, what a poser!


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