Wally Worcester

Meet Wally

Isn’t he just brilliant? He thinks he is. I love this little bird so much my heart could burst. Since he and I met, it has been one big love-fest. From the very first moment we set eyes on each other, we hit it off. He climbed straight onto my head, gave me a lovely indian massage, created a nest in my hair then helped himself to my flapjack, scattering crumbs all over the floor. How could I not take him home after that introduction?

In addition to his batfink persona https://skiingsaddler.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/im-going-to-faint-get-me-a-cherry-tomato/ , Walls’ also does an excellent impression of a pirate! He struts along, chest out, imagining himself with a cutlass and eye-patch (he’d look so cool with a pirate hat). He regularly challenges my boyfriend to a duel, who always politely declines. Wally loves women, his ideal trip out would be a coffee morning with the W.I. or Ladies Day at Ascot. He is not above launching himself at and attacking any male person, plucking hair from their legs or firing a well-aimed shit from his perch at an unsuspecting ‘offender’.

My words cannot do this extraordinary parrot justice. The pictures may help, he is amazing, just check this little dude out!

 Wally enjoying a prawn. He loves his food and has a ferocious appetite.









  This is him in the apple tree having a good scratch. Wally will always look like he has been dragged through a hedge backwards! Unfortunately, his partner of ten years died and he was distraught, that is when we found each other. I am hoping to find him a new mate but he is proving to be very fussy. There are no lonely-hearts ads’ for parrots…..

He helps himself to my drinks when he thinks I am not looking.

 He feeds my dog cheese

Wally has a dark side, he flashes at people!

He ‘fixes’ my hair

He comes to work with me, here he is checking in at reception

Mostly, Wally loves to be outdoors. He is not wing-clipped, which means he has full use of his flight feathers and he is in no way tethered or restrained. He loves to sit on the fence, enjoying the view and chatting to the wild birds. My biggest concern is buzzards, so I keep a careful watch out for these.

We play Where’s Wally? He goes up in the trees, he is a brilliant acrobat and has a great time climbing, when he has had enough, he shouts “yoo-hoo” and I go and fetch him in. Can you spot him in this tree?

If Wally can embarrass me, he does not miss the opportunity. He terrorizes my friends if he thinks they are nervous of him. He is a bit of a magpie and loves all things sparkly (think earrings, watches, bracelets etc) and can be a real cross-patch if he does not get his way. He imitates the telephone ringing perfectly, wolf-whistles and makes various whooping and cheering noises, I love being cheered and whistled into my own house when I get in from work, it is very good for the soul!

Wally and Me


4 responses to “Wally Worcester

  • nooberry

    I wasn’t warned about the well aimed shitting when I first stepped into your house….

  • Stuart

    I enjoyed reading this surprise find in Google ….. you could have been writing about Arty, my Black Headed Caique. He’s 6, only lived with 8 months, but has changed so much in that time; he now goes for ‘walks’ when I take the dogs, goes shopping with me, and generally behaves like a Wally-duplicate 🙂

  • Brenda Sharman

    Love your wonderful pictures and tales of Wally. I’m ‘paired’ to my very own BH Caique – the fantastic Basil, who Wally would be proud of for his relentless stalking of my husband in an attempt to secure exclusive rights to my affections.
    Bazzy loves to shower with me and very generously tries to feed me with his regurgitated mush which smells like vomit !
    He is such an important part of our family and I never want to imagine life without him.

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