About Me

Ok, this is me, I will lay it out there for you. If I cross the line, I am sorry, though I do not take any responsibilty for it because I have always failed to see ‘the line’, be it my own or someone elses.

I am the most embarrassing person I know, only surpassed by my diva-like animals; Wally Worcester, the parrot and Pamplemousse, my ridiculous dog. I used to live in London, which I loved, and the French Alps, which I also loved, and Majorca, which I did not love, though I miss the sea. I now live in rural England, which I adore.

I like anything which makes me honk with laughter, enjoy reading all sorts of books, love to write, Pete Doherty is my hero and most of all I love horses. I have passing fantasies about Argentina and after an amzing visit to Bulgaria in 2012, I fell in love with Eastern Europe and touched base with humanity again.

I used to struggle with inner demons but recently discovered there was nothing ‘inner’ about them and the demons were actually other people, so I am working to eradicate them; so-long, suckers!

Truly, I love people. I’m not very good at boundries so often behave inappropriately. I hid myself away for quite a long time which actually took all of my energy up, so I have stopped doing that and am starting to become less tired and subsequently feel quite happy again. I’m a big supporter of the underdog. My friends are all quite fabulous and I feel privilidged to have such wonderful people in my life. I admire those who are true to themselves and I love to hear their stories. I can be quite whimsical, am a dreamer and a fantasist and find it very hard to stay grounded (I can’t help it, it’s my star sign). I don’t like to judge others and though I hold my own opinions, I love to be confronted about them and am always open to changing my mind!

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