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The Velcro Ceiling

I once lost a futon, a double one, within a bedroom.

I am the most spectacularly untidy person I have ever met, with the possible exception of my cousin, La-La, who, if she is not worse than me, is definitely at least as bad. Back in the heady summer of ’99, we shared a room. Or rather, I moved into her mums house and La-La generously shared her bedroom with me.

We started off with a bed each. La-La had her double and I had a double futon, from this you may deduce that the room was a fairly large size. Later we added a wicker chair/ bed. It looked like a dog bed but was actually for people and could be incredibly comfortable, unless you passed out across it face down in a drunken stupor, in which case you would wake up shaped like a backwards banana and would remain like that all day.

We never noticed any mess.

There did come a point when there was no more floor space so we would take it in turns to ‘do the light’. We had to stand outside the room, reach in to press the switch and then literally fling ourselves from the landing hall-way on to our beds. It did not occur to us to make a space on the floor, we mostly tutted at how the carpet could so selfishly disappear.

One night, we were lying in bed together (La-La’s double), discussing who was going to ‘do the light’, when we started to talk about where the floor had gone and how we desperately needed more space. As we stared at the ceiling, we lamented on what a waste of space the ceiling was, a whole clutter-free area. We looked at each other; La-La had a brain wave – how much better our lives would be with a velcro ceiling!

I do not know at what point I made the transition from futon to bed-sharing, the futon had long-since disappeared without so much of a mention from either of us. To this day, we cannot remember losing it or ever finding it again, maybe it became part of the carpet? But I do recall, with increasing fondness, our solution to the messy problem and oh, what I would give these days for a velcro ceiling.

This sadly is not a picture of the actual room, I have no photo’s of it. This represents some of the mess, ours was infinitely worse…. courtesy of: http://uglyhousephotos.com/wordpress/?p=16433